Made With Top-Quality Ingredients and Tender, Loving Care

Order a custom pie prepared by a passionate baker in Temple, TX

Store-bought pies aren't as yummy as fresh pies made from scratch. So when you want to serve homemade pies for special events, turn to Easy As Pie in Temple, TX. We can prepare your pies to order with at least 48 hours' advanced notice.

First, select a size. We can make...

  • 3-inch tartlets
  • 4-, 6- and 9-inch dessert pies
  • 6-inch hand pies and galettes
Next, choose from...
  • Fruit fillings like apple, blueberry and cherry
  • Seasonal fillings like coconut, pecan and pumpkin
  • Classic fillings like chocolate and old-fashioned buttermilk
Finally, let us know whether you want to pick up your custom pie or have it delivered to your venue. Call 254-295-0060 now to place your order.