Stop by our local bakery between classes

Our local bakery in Temple, TX is conveniently located down the street from Temple College, so it's the perfect place to grab your morning coffee or an afternoon snack. If you call ahead, we can whip up some fresh cookies for your study group.

The art of the perfect pie

At Easy As Pie, we strive to provide delicious and high-quality baked goods for our customers at an affordable cost. That's why we use the finest ingredients to create our fillings and prepare each crust from scratch at least 12 hours prior to assembly.

To customize your pie, simply select a...

  1. Filling: Apple | Blueberry | Cherry | Chocolate | Coconut | Pecan | Pumpkin
  2. Pie type: Dessert or savory pie | Hand pie | Galette | Tartlet
  3. Size: 3 inch | 4 inch | 6 inch | 9 inch
Be sure to mention pickup or delivery at checkout.

Need a custom pie for a special occasion? Please order at least 48 hours in advance so it'll be ready for your event. Call 254-295-0060 now to place your order.